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Groove Onkels feat. Tante

GOT Rhythm?

The Trash Percussion Performance of ‘Groove Onkels feat. Tante’ is all about ‘Everything’s going doen’t need any instruments!’

Unconventionally, the refuse collectors provide their audience with a breathtaking rhythm show focussed on bins and recycling.

Playing their main instruments - eight trash cans the size of 240 litres - tenderly but at full tilt they create sounds undreamed of combined with some spectacular choreography.

The band mates jump, kick, dash and throw the bins including the lids using sticks and loo brushes as well. On top of that, there is extreme groove which is somewhere in between latin percussion and ‘We will rock you’ - just as the German presenter Dieter Bohlen commented on the Groove Onkels’ gig in his TV show ‘Das Supertalent’.

Not only do they throw the bins around but it is also the Groove Onkels themselves who move along constantly beating former mayonnaise and ketchup buckets, oil drums, flower pots and bottles simultaneously shouting suitable German slogans. Of course everything is dubbed correctly within this rhythmic battle ground!

All in all, it is a splendid performance with a ‘load of rubbish’ which has its influence on the audience. It is left with mouths wide open, ears glowing, eyes sparkling and red-hot knee joints!

GOT Rhythm?

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NOZ 14.02.2015 by Hauke Petersen

"You`ve got to move it"

“ You’ve got to move it“ 

As a new and very successful concept the ’Groove Onkels’ offer their show “Everything’s going - it doesn’t need instruments“combined with interactive join-in activities!

Motto: “You’ve got to move it!“

Each of the spectators gets a bucket and a pair of spoons. Being guided, 3-4 groups play different rhythm patterns. For each group there are coaches of 1-3 ‘Onkels’.

Basically, the action is easy: Learning by doing!

Any technical skills on these ‘instruments’ are not necessary. As a result, you can completely concentrate on a good performance!

With lots of impressive moves, interfering and constantly changing grooves a spontaneous and infectious percussion show is formed involving the full audience. Group sizes of up to 2000 members have already been tested successfully. 

A true happening for any event!

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Exclusive Percussion Shows/Commissioned Productions

Apart from our classical garbage performance “Everything’s going- it doesn’t need instruments“ we also design issue-specific percussion shows by order of companies and event organisers of all sorts of genres.

Details and references are available: Original and Customized Percussion Shows

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Workshops/Project Days at Schools and different Education Institutes

Including their basic show or not, the ‘Groove Onkels’ offer workshops and tutorials all around the topic “Drum Sounds on Everyday Tools“.

Everything is based on the teaching concepts ‘Groove It - Rhythm Training with an Edge“ and “Everything’s going - it doesn’t need instruments“ developed by Joachim Dölker.

As part of the concept there is a public performance of all the participants at the end of each workshop!

For further details: WORKSHOPS and SCHOOL PROJECTS

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